A Quick Summary of Jal Jeevan Mission

While we are locked up in our homes, enjoying the comforts at the tip of our fingers. Life isn’t that rosy to all.

With depleting levels of groundwater and climate change. The concerns for better water quality for all remain on the top. With around 50% of India’s population lacking access to clean water facilities, the pandemic showed no mercy.

The Jal Jeevan Mission, launched in 2019, also got affected in its pace of implementation. The revival of mission in 2021 has brought in the breeze of relief and hope for many.

Jal Jeevan Mission

Gender inequality has been evident. Has women take the burden of water scarcity, paying the highest price of all. JJM is expected to lessen the dropout rates and ease the lives of rural women. Also reducing the concerns of water-borne diseases by assuring the quality water.




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