Politics must have a retirement age

Why aging stops when it comes to politics?

often hear people complaining about the way politicians don’t meet the aspirations of the youth. But, it is also true when the same people are questioned about entering politics, they don’t have an answer.

Youth in Politics

Why politics is tabooed to be dirty? Why youth don’t aspire for becoming politicians? Why everyone aspires for good governance but not to be part of that system.

While the majority of the Indian population is below the age of 25 years, most Lok Sabha MPs are between the ages of 45 to 65 years old (as per 2019 reports)

Aging in Politics

These stark figures ain’t out of thin air. The reasons for less percentage of participation of youth vary from one’s mindset to fear.

  1. Dirty Games

Elder tales, “Beta (Child), politics is not for honest and kind people. It is a dirty men’s show and a hungry game for power. People like us can’t sustain there.” We all have heard this, haven’t we?

Always having a sour tongue for politics, just wanting to stay within the limits so that we can save our own hands from the burn. The attitude doesn’t allow one to think of pursuing politics as a career. With the generation moving towards more comfort, they had left the hectic job to be an old man’s business.

The mindset has been so prevalent that it leaves us at the mercy of power-hungry wolves. Leaving less to no option for change. Not only that but also passing the piece of advice to their offspring. Making it hard to find youth in the frame of politics.

2. Ignorance

It’s funny how we are ignorant to the fact that we are ignorant. — YQ (Moody Queen)

Many people might think ignorance is bliss. However, when it comes to the working of a Democratic system ignorance will be considered the major cause of failure.

‘Out of the eligible population for voting in India only 67% of population cast votes (as per 2019). And those voters decide the fate of all citizens. Not to forget that many eligible voters ain’t even able to avail this opportunity, sighting that they don’t have a voter ID.’

On ground zero ignorance is turning the system into an empty shell, where many of us not even willing to be a part of the system in the first place.

3. Change & Sect

Change a word itself brings a debate. What if I tell you, that your area which might be governed today by a member of your community tomorrow onwards some other community member will be governing it. Do it leaves a sour taste? Certainly, that sour taste is the fear of change.

“Janta hai MLA mera kaun lagta hai?”

“MLA mere Community ka hai”

We often hear such statements in movies, news, etc… But the thing to note here is a ‘sect’. Everyone wants to protect their sect. No one wants to be left vulnerable or alone. And it is no secret that we favor voting a person from our sect then another. An instinct or self-defense, no matter the records of the candidate in front, we will still find one or two good to justify our vote.

And this is where we compromise our rights. Even if a young candidate gets a chance, the environment build-up never allows that progress.

4. Among us show

‘Among us’ the game which gained popularity in the last few months. The concept has been that one among the group of 10 is a killer and they have to identify ‘who’. So is the game of ‘power’ it keeps getting passed on among the members of few families. If one steps down the queue gets formed to replace the one and to find that one ‘who’. That leaves outsiders at the mercy of votes, which forms a difficult road for them.

5. Experience Vs Enthusiasm

Experience plays a major role when we talk about politics. The young candidates have often outcasted sighting ‘Garam Khoon’ (Enthusiasm). And there is no debate that experience plays a vital role in working and managing complex situations. However, for a country like India which is the hub of youngsters, it is important to match their aspirations and root out the weeds which are age-old.

This topic is open for discussion. It can’t be denied that we need young politicians. We also need to ensure that they are not mere faces but also voices of youngsters.

Author’s Note

Hello readers! This is a new segment which will be featured on up-date.medium.com every alternate Thursday. This segment will pick up random topics and will be open for discussion.

Also note that the content written above is purely an opinion and more of a comment. It do not intent to target or hurt anyone’s sentiments.

The main vision behind this segment is to bring out more thinkers and discussions. Looking forward to your views.



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